Why I chose surgery and not internal medicine

Why I chose surgery and not internal medicine :

  • I prefere blood on my shoes instead of coffe
  • I like to use both sides of my brain…at the same time
  • I am very good at removing „shit“ …
  • I have beautiful hands
  • I am goot at teamwork
  • I like the on-off work (on = operation; off = office)
  • It is almost like being an artist
  • I like action
  • I like to see immediate results
  • I like to stand up for 5 straight hours …
  • Surgeons just have more fun than physicians
  • I am one of the rare persons who look good with goggles
  • I like the smell of burnt fles in the morning
  • Operating gives me a rush (or is it the anesthetics)

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