Trucking Trip Lease Agreement

In 1935, the U.S. Congress attempted to reduce the health and safety risk to an unregulated truck industry when it passed the Motor Carrier Act, which created the Interstate Commission`s Bureau of Motor Carriers. The law was amended and renamed and the agencies were removed, re-established and renamed from time to time over the years. The law is currently codified as 49 U.S.C. Section 13901-13908. The Act gives the Agency the authority to set and enforce standards of public protection. To enforce these laws, the federal authority requires truck drivers to keep daily accounts of their driving time in accordance with section 395.8 of the C.F.R. Drivers are responsible for recording information in a standardized grid including: date, total number of miles driven that day, truck and trailer number, carrier name, driver`s signature, 24-hour departure time, main office address, remarks, passenger name, total time and shipping document number. These recordings can be compared with all other documents made available to the investigating lawyers. Documents such as credit card supporting documents, payment statements, and other daily driving records can be used to find differences. Any falsification of the record indicates that the carrier did not properly monitor the driver or deliberately ignored the violation.

In any case, such an activity is not tolerated by the Agency and can easily contribute to bringing an action against a transport undertaking. Section 376.42 Rental of equipment by regulated carriers. Authorized carriers may lease equipment and drivers from private carriers for periods of less than 30 days in accordance with section 376.22. [44 FR 4681, 23 January 1979, as amended on 49 FR 47269, 3. 49 FR 47850, 7 December 1984; 50 FR 24649, 12 June 1985; 51 FR 37406, 22 October 1986; 62 FR 15424, 1 April 1997] § 376.12 Written rental requirements. Except as provided in the exceptions set out in Sub-Part C of this Part, the written lease required under section 376.11 (a) shall contain the following provisions. The necessary leasing provisions must be respected and respected by the authorized carrier. (a) The parties , the lease is entered into between the authorized carrier and the owner of the equipment. The lease is signed by these parties or their authorized representatives. b) Specific term: The lease agreement must indicate the date and date or circumstances in which the lease begins and expires. .

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