Spiritual Agreements

@Jose Marques — I hope that has changed for you, because many of us are in the process of leaving. The key is to wake up, give up contracts and not get it wrong in new ones. I learn that there are entities that have the sole purpose of driving spiritual energy down and linking them to a particular paradigm or dimension through soul contracts. You`ll never know you`re even being hunted. never! There is a way that gave us life as a gift to live everything without losing our soul. All other ways are traps, the guardians know well that you are loved and free to experience these things without being bound, but they operate themselves in bondage and must bind others to survive. I really hope that you have been able to trace your contracts to the sources and get rid of them. The four chords seem simple, but they have a world of inner transformation, spiritual growth and action-based happiness. By trying to live with chords and learn from the world of the thoughts and philosophies that are related to them, we can create, step by step, a more loving, compassionate, more connected life.

This is how all this refers to the four agreements that Ruiz proposes in hindsight. Because we create a gap between ourselves and the world, the universe, and because we create the dichotomy of the judge/victim within ourselves, we live in tension, we feel non-etheistic and dishonest. We make toxic agreements with ourselves and our relationships with others. The four agreements help us replace these toxic agreements with newer, happier agreements. I learned my spiritual contract with ayahuasca about five years ago. Soul chords are sometimes based on hard love. For example, a soul may want rejection, abandonment or any other difficult emotion in the human form. Another soul might agree to play the role of the sworn enemy to invoke this kind of experience. In the eyes of an enemy, a friendly soul can look back with love. No matter how we learn and follow our spiritual contracts, everything contributes to the meaning of our lives. Before we were born, we just gave ourselves an itinerary: we wanted to live unforgettable moments, we wanted to connect with certain people, and we wanted to learn lessons that would help us evolve.

First of all, we wanted to come here – we planned it – and maybe if we remember that spiritual promise where we said yes to this human life, we might be encouraged to follow why we came here. Soul contracts are pre-incarnation contracts between two or more individuals. The theory behind a soul chord includes life scenarios that were conceived before birth. Souls choose relationships and family ties on the basis of lessons they want to learn in human form. Some spiritual groups knew that human incarnations can accelerate the growth of the soul faster than in the spiritual form. Making soul chords before birth gives souls a game plan to advance their goals of spiritual growth in the choice of future incarnations. In keeping with my promise, I respectfully speak to others about ayahuasca and I honestly reaffirm that while his methods of healing and teaching may be confusing, one cannot help but feel the maternal love he has for the children of the earth. I also wrote a book about my experiences with her, as well as my work with psychedelic mushrooms. In the book, I describe the other gifts and revelations that plant medicine has offered me, which naturally lead to the learning of more spiritual contracts.

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