Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal Author Agreement

Drug prices are strictly controlled by pharmaceutical price policy in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the current policy has resulted in large price differences between drugs, including drugs of the same molecule. Because of this significant difference, cost savings depend on the product prescribed or purchased by the health organization. Important Note Multi-party documents are not taken into account. Documents requested by the draft must be returned within 4 weeks or they are considered withdrawn. There is no page fee for this book. Pharmaceutical drug prices are determined in accordance with pharmaceutical price rules and guidelines approved by the Saudi FDA and implemented since November 2011 [36]. The main features of this directive are: Changes made to the author authors are expected to carefully review the list and order of the authors before submitting their manuscript and providing the final list of authors at the time of the initial submission. Any addition, deletion or re-listing of authors` names should not take place until the manuscript has been adopted and only if it has been approved by the journal`s publisher.

To request such a change, the publisher must receive from the author concerned: (a) the reason for changing the list of authors and (b) written confirmation (e-mail, letter) of all authors they agree to add, withdraw or relocate. If authors are added or deleted, this includes confirmation of the author who is added or deleted. Only in exceptional cases will the publisher consider adding, deleting or reorganizing the authors after the adoption of the manuscript. While the publisher reviews the application, the publication of the manuscript is suspended. If the manuscript has already been published in an online edition, all applications approved by the publisher result in a corrigendum. The Annals had a database of 7,709 reviewers. Of all review invitations made during the study period, only 1,579 (20%) an agreement to verify a manuscript. The processing time for the peer review process was 55 days. Of a sample of 744 evaluations evaluated, only 10% were in quality. The current approach to drug pricing is the „prescription pricing method“ for both brand name and generic drugs.

In this approach, health or regulatory authorities impose price reductions that are necessary for the reimbursement price or for pricing [15, 29]. In addition, a general price interconnection policy has been adopted in Saudi Arabia.

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