Investment Advisory Agreement Template

Knowing what`s written in the typical agreement can help you better understand what you`re signing by working with a financial advisor. Typically, this agreement is a written document that you must date and sign for it to take effect. The complexity of an investment advisory contract and what it entails can vary from one consulting firm to another. It is important to read this section carefully so that you understand exactly what you are paying for, so that there are no misunderstandings. For example, you can expect your advisor to offer investment advice for investments that you own and that the consultant does not manage. But if your agreement explicitly states that they don`t, that`s something you want to know in advance. This section can also define how the agreement can be terminated. For example, you may need to send a written question. It can also be mentioned which part of the fees you have paid can possibly be reimbursed to you. If your advisor is an agent, your agreement may contain another section containing a fiduciary oath. This section emphasizes that you are working with an agent and that the advisor is required to act in your best interests at all times when providing financial advice or managing your accounts. An investment advisory contract can be helpful so that you fully understand what your financial advisor will do for you. But don`t hover over it and sign without reading it beforehand.

It may take time, but it can help you avoid headaches on the other line. And if there`s something in the agreement that you don`t understand, feel free to ask your advisor for a detailed explanation.

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