Employment Agreement Bahrain

Certain types of employment contracts must be defined in writing, such as fixed-term and part-time contracts.B. The employer and the employee are required to enter into written employment contracts and the Labour Act defines the mandatory clauses to be included in the contract. Individual employment contracts must be written, dated and signed by both parties and the following clauses: written employment contracts are common, but not mandatory, except for fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts, telework contracts, intermittent contracts, interim employment contracts and employment contracts under the regulation of the Services Commission. The employer must provide a written statement of essential working conditions within 60 days of the start of work. As a general rule, this information is part of a written employment contract. This is not a prerequisite for a written formal employment contract, although employers generally enter into written employment contracts. Some state-specific S-E laws require employers to cover certain conditions of employment, such as wages, denominations and working hours. Nor can recent changes in workers` rights in the event of dismissal be abandoned by mutual agreement. Written health and safety policy and disciplinary and appeal policy are mandatory. This last point must be made in the employment contract. Written employment contracts are required by national collective agreements.

Some clauses are not valid if they are not presented in writing (for example. B probation clause, non-compete clause). There are no binding guidelines. If an employer wishes to rely on a disciplinary and procedural document on land, this must first be submitted technically to the MOHRE. However, in practice, many employers do not censor their disciplinary procedures. At the beginning of employment, workers should be equipped with a staff manual and employer guidelines (if any). In Bahrain, your contract defines your base salary, your professional title, your duties and responsibilities, the duration of your contract and, possibly, the details of the relationship structure and the characteristics of the company. An employment contract should also include termination conditions, including the declaration of intent necessary to terminate the contract on both sides and debts arising from the breach of contract.

Your contract could include the term „employment subject to obtaining the necessary authorizations.“ This is unlikely to cause problems, but make sure you are able to get the necessary visas, etc. before you commit to moving abroad.

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